We have a space in our living room. An emptiness. We can’t walk through it, so we go around it. We can shout from either side of it, but the sound won’t pass through. We live our daily lives navigating around the space. Accommodating it. Accepting it. Letting it grow steadily bigger. Of course, we… Read More Void

In Nocte

How can i take care of others, when I can’t even take care of myself? These were the kind of questions Kay asked herself as she gazed out at the sleeping city beneath her. It was precisely 3:34AM. The clamour of the rooftop bar continued behind her. A distant echo that served as a backing… Read More In Nocte


Sirens. Screaming. The terrible chill down her spine. And then the scoreboard lit up. It was bright, she knew, but the light didn’t hurt her eyes. There was no pain anymore. Only the numbers in front of her. A lifetime of steps, blinks, heartbeats- even hiccups. Numbers so big it was difficult to comprehend. And… Read More Reboot